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Homesun Culture

Core values:
Competition advocacy
In today's world, markets, and money and talent, are very competitive;Who gave up the competition, who will lose the initiative and will eventually be eliminated by the market;Companies to promote competition is, in itself, in order to comply with this irreversible trend;Only promote competition, choosing which good outcompetes only advocated competition in order to improve productivity, only competition advocacy can be given more talents to the greatest room for growth and opportunities, competition is the only means of survival and development of enterprises.
Enhanced services
We agree and comply with this point of view, we provide to our customers not only products and solutions, we are providing a long-term commitment.Any of our products, are long term behavior.Only through long-term, effective services in order to guarantee this, only strengthen consciousness of service, to ensure the real implementation of such services and implementations.This sense of service, not only in the external customers of the company, should also be reflected in the company's customer support.
Win-win policies
We have always thought that without the development of enterprises, it is difficult to talk about staff development, there would be no employee progress;Similarly, businesses no profit growth in staff income increases, the enterprise would not be efficient source of growth;We focus on business development and profitable growth, we also pay attention to employee career development and income increases, in our view, the common development of enterprises and their employees, that is, win-win policy is our only choice.
Loyalty to the company
Each of our employees to be as loyal as his very own life, loyalty to his own business, it is essential for every person who has the dedication to.Since the choice of qware, we must respect their choice, loyalty to one's own choice, the company's work as his own career.We know that is not loyal to the company's cause, is a betrayal of their choice even of our own team, is unacceptable.
Customer first
We are going to judge our performance standards required by the customer.Only satisfy our customers, we develop and provide opportunities for our employees.As long as an employee make a reasonable commitment to its customers and all employees have an obligation to contribute to the achievement of the commitments.Customers should be the center of all our activities.We want to be customers, shareholders, employees, and partners to choose the company.
Company is a combination of sectors, from the smallest unit of work, to the company and the entire organization, we have teams working together.A successful organization, team spirit and mutual cooperation is a must.We believe that teamwork and communication are very important, we cherish the solidarity and cooperation of all personnel of the company, we treat all employees equally.
We accepted all the increasing wealth of the company, are the result of the staff for their hard work.Belonging to the company, also belongs to the employee;Financial, technological and intangible assets of the company are indispensable to the achievement and staff for their hard work is necessary.We want all of our employees must have a sense of, we have and share our achievements and interests of the staff.